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    one time in an english class we were making notes about shakespeare’s life and the teacher was like “his father was a glove maker” and the guy next to me started laughing really hard so i looked over at him

    his pen had stopped working before he could write “maker” so it just said “shakespeare’s father was a glove” and that was the funniest thing in the world to this guy for some reason

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    im in one of those ‘cuddle up with someone and watch a lame movie while i kiss their neck and casually take off their pants’ mood

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Katmai Crater - Mount Katmai, Alaska, Katmai National Park


    Katmai Crater - Mount Katmai, Alaska, Katmai National Park

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  10. I want you.
    Right now.
    Your lips on mine.
    Your hands around my waist.
    My lips on your neck.
    My hands running through your hair.
    Heavy breaths.
    Deep stares.
    I want you.
    Right now.
    In my bed.
    Right next to me.
    Holding me tight.
    Talking about anything.
    Gentle kisses in between thoughts.
    Our tired eyes holding contact.
    Slowly falling asleep.
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  12. You’re so perfect.


    Seriously. Everything about you. Your voice, your laugh, your eyes, your smile. How you light up my life. How you make my day with just a text message. No one has ever cared as much as you do. I will never care about someone as much as I care about you. You’re flawless, intelligent, sexy, adorable, incredible, and everything I could ever ask for. I. Love. You.

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  15. I want to do more in this world than just live in it.
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